The Americas Group Real Estate

TAGRE focuses on the development, acquisition, management and sale of real estate assets in the United States and Latin America for projects and opportunities utilizing The Americas Group’s extensive experience, relationships and knowledge of the business environments in the Americas.

 TAGRE is strategically positioned to use its personal relationships and development experience to maximize investment opportunities for its clients. The marketplace is in a unique state of transformation and evolving to one grounded upon conservative and sound business fundamentals. Valuations are fluctuating constantly. Expectations of the marketplace are more heightened than ever. Success in addressing these needs will be lead by individuals and companies with established reputations and financial stability.

TAGRE principals and partners have demonstrated skills and strategic planning which combined with our insight and knowledge of the market is a cornerstone to attracting and capturing market opportunities.

TAGRE specializes in real estate advisory services, strategic planning and business consulting services with a primary focus on solutions, financial and operational restructurings, business plan development and implementation. We also provide strategic management services to real estate development organizations by providing leadership and goal setting, proper planning and critical path guidance and timely implementation of business and action plans. We provide global marketing and sales expertise to our clients using “best of breed” partners to maximize market penetration, keeping in mind that brand knowledge and awareness is critical in the sales and purchase process, even more so today in the current real estate environment.

It is inevitable that in this unsettled real estate environment that opportunistic purchases of assets are imminent. Quality assets will be in demand enabling TAGRE and our clients to take advantage of strategic positioning today in order to benefit from the anticipated market rebound in the future.We are committed to our clients, partners and investors for the execution of effective action plans, to the creation of long lasting successful strategic relationships and to developments that contribute positively to their respective communities and surrounding environment.

We only work with a select group of clients on a limited number of projects in order to ensure skilled and focused management of each opportunity.