Frank C. Weed Becomes Chairman of The Americas Group's Real Estate Division

We are proud to announce and welcome Frank C. Weed as a Partner and Chairman and COO of The Americas Group Real Estate LLC.  
Frank was formerly the President and COO of Medalist Development, Inc. , a global real estate development company owned by the golfer and businessman Greg Norman and Macquarie Bank, the largest investment bank in Australia. He was also the former President and COO of Fisher Island, one of the world’s premier exclusive clubs and developments and has held several other important posts during his real estate career.  “Frank brings a unique set of experience and skills that make him one of the very best in his area of expertise”, says Howard Glicken , Chairman of The Americas Group.
Frank will help guide The Americas Group into real estate related opportunities especially in Latin America for our own account and those of our clients, as we continue to add to our capabilities in the Real Estate Sector. His outstanding reputation and track record is well known. His experience and outstanding capabilities will be a powerful complement to the current and planned activities of The Americas Group, especially in Latin America.
Frank Weed says, “ I look forward to helping us address the new global real estate environment and trends for our clients and partners. I believe we will have many opportunities. I have worked with Howard and The Americas Group for over 15 years in Latin America and am pleased to finally work together as a partner”.
We look forward to introducing you to Frank and to demonstrating our additional Real Estate capabilities.  Please give us a call or email us if you would like  more information on Frank Weed and our capabilities and services.
Thank you for your continued friendship, confidence and support!
August 15, 2010

Merida Announcement


The Americas Group Real Estate LLC has acquired 1,290 acres of land in Merida, Mexico in the Yucatan region to develop a health care/wellness oriented, popularly priced retirement community in partnership with Pedro Aspe, the former Finance Minister of Mexico and two of the largest community developers in the country. This development will be used as a prototype for other proprietary retirement communities in different regions of Mexico to address the approximately 78 million U.S. baby boomers who are approaching retirement.

We believe that with the recent decline in the value of personal assets and net worth coupled with spiraling U.S. healthcare costs and the high price of living expenses that a considerable percentage of this population group will consider moving and retiring to a hospitable country like Mexico which can provide a quality of life and services at a much reduced cost. We intend to target the moderate fixed income segment and make it user friendly for them to test the lifestyle change by offering rental opportunities which leave them with the option of returning to the U.S. if they are not satisfied or in the case of being satisfied they will be offered an opportunity to buy.

This project is an example of The Americas Group’s creative and practical solution to the difficult challenges of living in today’s new economic environment.

July 1, 2009