Monte M. Glicken

Monte M. Glicken is a Partner as well as the President of the Company. Mr. Glicken is the President of The Americas Group Real Estate, Inc., a subsidiary of The Americas Group. He is a licensed Real Estate Broker and has worked in the Real Estate sector for the last 8 years. TAG Real Estate, Inc. has been involved in international real estate sales and has advised many major developers in the United States, Europe and Latin America.

Prior to joining The Americas Group, Monte worked as a management consultant for Development Specialists Inc. (DSI) a national turnaround, workout, and consulting firm.

Prior to joining DSI he worked for the White House as a member of the Vice-Presidential advance team. His position included planning and organizing trips for the Vice-President throughout the world. His duties included setting up meetings, site choice, motorcade operations and liaising with the Secret Service and other security services throughout the world.

Monte is active in various local and national charities including; The Coral Gables Community Foundation, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Motivated Youth, Fairchild Tropical Gardens and the American Cancer Society. He attended the University of Miami studying Finance and Business Administration.